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03/22/2020Rev. Jim Staubes Why Worry? (MOGBC Sermon 03-22-20.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew 6:25-34
1. Worry is unproductive. 2. Worry is unnecessary 3. Worry is unworthy of a Christian
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04/16/2017Rev. Larry Wilbur Who is The Risen Jesus (04-16-2017_Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew 28:1-20
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01/21/2018Rev. Larry Wilbur The Stages of Life (01-21-2018_Sermon_The_Stages_of_Life.mp3)
Sunday Morning Psalms 139
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03/15/2020Rev. Jim Staubes The Reason Some People Will Never Find Forgiveness (MOGBC Service 03-15-2020-a.mp3)
Sunday Morning Luke 15:11-12; 25-32
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04/12/2020Rev. Jim Staubes The Reality of the Resurrection (MOGBC Sermon 04-12-2020.mp3)
Easter Sunday 1 Corinthians 15:3-8
Consider these truths about His resurrection: 1. Jesus conquered death absolutely. 2. Jesus conquered death initially. 3.Jesus conquered death potentially.
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04/05/2020Rev. Jim Staubes The Power of the Cross (MOGBC Sermon 04-05-2020.mp3)
Sunday Morning Luke 19:36-42
There are four basic doctrines found in the death of Christ: A. Substitution B. Redemption C. Reconciliation D. Propitiation
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