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04/09/2017Rev. Larry Wilbur The Ministry of a Transfigured Church (04-09-2017_Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Morning Acts 2:1-6
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04/16/2017Rev. Larry Wilbur Who is The Risen Jesus (04-16-2017_Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew 28:1-20
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12/24/2017Rev. Charles Bass Keys to Peace (12-24-2017_Charles_Bass_Keys_to_Peace.mp3)
Sunday Morning Isaiah 9:6-7
Peace is an Umpire, Peace is Measurable, Peace is a Product of Prayer, Peace is a Gift
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12/31/2017Rev. Larry Wilbur Post Christmas Depression (12-31-2017_LW_Post_Christmas_Depression.mp3)
Sunday Morning Matthew Chapter 2
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01/07/2018Rev. Larry Wilbur A New Song (01-07-2018_LW_A_New_Song.mp3)
Sunday Morning Psalms 40
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01/14/2018Rev. Storman Glass The God Who See's Me (01-14-2018_SG_The_God_Who_Sees_Me.mp3)
Sunday Morning Genesis 16:7-13
God See’s Our Hurt God see’s Our Heart God See’s Our Healing
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