21st Homecoming Anniversary 2015


Marshes of Glynn Baptist Church

21st Homecoming Anniversary Celebration

Sunday March 1, 2015

Marshes of Glynn started 1993.  Ms. Lottie Clark was instrumental in knocking on doors along with fifteen year old Daphne Turner and others inviting people to come to the church that would soon be built here. After seven years the building was paid off and we were debt free. Then in 2008 God lead us to add the Sunday school wing. Approximately $200,000 was borrowed to build the wing. That's a lot of money for us little country folk out here. God blessed us and the debt on the wing was also paid in seven years. The Bible says that the number seven is a perfect number and it is in God's perfect time that the building is paid off and we are debt free. This morning, with the assistance of Ms. Lottie we symbolically burned the note. After the service everyone enjoyed "Dinner on the Grounds in the Family Life Center.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to the note burning ceremony



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